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Why Jay Z and Beyonce are the most important figures in black culture

It seems like only yesterday all Jay Z was rapping about was money, cash and hoes while Beyonce was with Desinty's Child carving out her own place in the music industry. Today they are proud parents with wealth and they stand for something more than

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The System: The Curated Genocide of a Generation

[audio m4a="" autoplay="true"][/audio] ( Music Provided By Weez) It is December 4th 2014. I’m headed home from a late meeting; walking to the train by way of Union Square. In

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Spike Lee Predicted The Murder Of Eric Garner 25 Years Ago

25 years ago Spike Lee made a film. It was called Do The Right Thing. Towards the end of the film a character that we know as Radio Raheem was harassed, strangled and murdered by the police. The murder in this fictional film strangely resembles the r

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12 Reasons Why You Should Boycott America, Black Friday & Beyond!

1. Because Amadou Diallo 2. Because Emmett Till   3. Because Eric Garner   4.Because Louis Vuitton   5.Because Jordan Davis   6.Because these companies think all black people are poor

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5 Reasons Why Black People Are Overprotective of HIP HOP Culture

1. Rock N Roll Believe it or not Rock n Roll was created by black musicians. It is primarily a combination of blues, jazz and gospel music. Then one day a guy named Elvis came along and showed interest in the music that guys like Chuck Berry were

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Man Tells Obama not to touch his girlfriend

funny stuff. [embed][/embed]

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[EXCLUSIVE VIDEO] 21 Randoms with Stalley

[exclusive video] 21 Randoms with Stalley

In this episode of 21 Randoms, Stalley speaks on food, his childhood, his favorite songs of 2014 and more!…
[EXCLUSIVE VIDEO] 21 Randoms With Perrion

[exclusive video] 21 Randoms with Perrion   Does he prefer the food in NYC or ATL? Find out in this episode of 21 Randoms w…
nelson darden

Nelson Darden skates Brooklyn

Brooklyn native Nelson Darden skates New York CIty with Flight Boys. Nelson starts in Fort Greene Brooklyn, makes a stop…
king critical

Morning Juice presents King Critical Morning Juice presents a cool King Critical Interview. Critical speaks on the struggles o…


[WATCH] KOTA The Friend – Customs (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

KOTA has been buzzing for a while, getting dope looks from blogs like Pigeons and Plans, The Source, Vibe & Global…

[LISTEN] KOTA – “Black Friday”

Just a few weeks ago KOTA blessed us with a track entitled Customs that gave us insight into the uncertain and emot…

KOTA & Chelsea Reject Take Jabs At Mainstream Culture

KOTA The Friend, an emerging New York based artist puts out a 3 year old track entitled Cheesecake, featuring the rising…

Vince Staples Gets Arrested In New Video For “Norf Norf”

"I ain't never ran from nothin' but the police..." Vince Staples bring…

Chance The Rapper And Lil B Collab On A New Album

Chance The Rapper makes an album with...lil B? Chicago native Chance The Rapper and the "Based God" himself, Lil B,…