12 Reasons Why You Should Boycott America, Black Friday & Beyond!

Posted by : The Messenger , November 2014

1. Because Amadou Diallo


2. Because Emmett Till

emit till


3. Because Eric Garner



4.Because Louis Vuitton

louis viton


5.Because Jordan Davis

jordan davis


6.Because these companies think all black people are poor and can’t afford expensive things. We should definitely take our hard earned money and put it towards something useful instead of buying $600 belts and shopping where we aren’t welcomed anyway. As Malcolm X once said “Stop begging for a seat at the white mans table”.



7. Because Trayvon Martin



8. Because Sean Bell

sean bell


9. Because Oscar Grant



10. Because Michael Brown

michael brown

11. Because Radio Raheem


12. Because black people are actually the biggest consumers in the country. Because this country will keep treating black people like dirt until we stop consuming and the economy is driven into the dirt. KEEP YOUR MONEY IN YOUR POCKET on Black Friday and BEYOND!


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