5 Reasons Why Black People Are Overprotective of HIP HOP Culture

Posted by : The Messenger , November 2014

1. Rock N Roll

Believe it or not Rock n Roll was created by black musicians. It is primarily a combination of blues, jazz and gospel music. Then one day a guy named Elvis came along and showed interest in the music that guys like Chuck Berry were creating. Because he was white the world accepted him with open arms and named him the King of Rock and Roll. THE KING! There goes that Christopher Columbus syndrome that Spike Lee spoke about. Rock and Roll is the perfect example of a white person becoming the face of black music.


2. The Double Standards

Nothing is accepted when only black people are doing it. I mean du-rags are being worn on the runway and are now called “urban tie caps” according to “high fashion”. So much is taken from hip hop culture, yet hip hop never gets the credit.


3. Because White People Don’t Want Anyone To Have Anything

Okay, before you guys get on me about this “harsh” statement, let us backtrack. Remember slavery? Remember Jim Crow? Remember America? All of these things are examples of white people systematically taking from people in order to keep them powerless, impoverished and miserable. Even today racial discrimination is an issue but then again slavery wasn’t that long ago. If people like Macklemore and Iggy Azalea become the faces of hip hop it will erase black people from the hip hop culture slowly but surely until it is yet another white dominated genre created by Black Americans. And then they will be left to create something else that will eventually be stolen.



4. Because white privilege exists even in a culture created by blacks

We always hear about white privilege. Let us be honest. A white kid will not know the humiliating feeling of being followed around in a grocery store, being stopped and frisked on the way to school or not getting a good job because of the fact that they are white. The hip hop world is no different. White people seem to become the most popular artists and the highest paid.


5. Because They Are Afraid Of Being Erased From History

There have been countless examples and speculations about breakthroughs made by people of color that a white man took credit for. In history books African American culture is rarely brought up. The curriculum is always one sided. Hip Hop has always been something that represents a community that is never represented and often forgotten. Black people understand this and do not want to be pushed out of the culture that they created…. again.



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