The System: The Curated Genocide of a Generation

Posted by : Kerry Blu, December 2014

black lives matter

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It is December 4th 2014. I’m headed home from a late meeting; walking to the train by way of Union Square. In the distance, the rumble of ten thousand voices begins to draw near. “I cant breath, I cant breath, I cant breath, I cant breath,”  echoing between heaven and earth on this cold New York City night. In this moment of anger, unity, frustration and peaceful protest, I retreat into myself and ask the question, what is my life really worth?

As a young black man it is hard to see light at the end of the tunnel. The constant reinforcement that our lives are not worth much begins to churn at the heart, and pick at the soul. Blood is spilled, mothers cry, and communities are outraged, but still there is no retribution.  The stories are the same; the outcome is never any different.  The police beat, harass, and kill our young people, and are exonerated of their crimes, as though they did the world a service. Why are we so dangerous? Why is the world’s capacity to love so far gone?

For years, many of my more radical peers have discussed “The System”, put in place to “hold us down as a people.” For a long time I was naive to the fact. Praying that peace would come, but peace has not been achieved and the curators of The System still have our heads under water.

First we’re blinded by distractions. We become focused on things that don’t matter. The television and magazines show us a multitude of extravagant lives and material possessions, not meant to be ours. We are given little opportunity, that leads us to working lower paying jobs, that further leads to more crucial means of survival. Therefore, we pollute our communities with Crack, and we kill our own for the right to live. Jennifer Lawrence isn’t the only one playing in the Hunger Games. This image of African Americans is all The System needs to discredit us. All they need for justification of the unfair treatment we endure everyday. Take the mind, and leave the body.

In 1712 Willie lynch spoke to his fellow slave owners, teaching them the affective means by which to control their slaves. He say’s,


By giving us nothing to invest in, the established order depletes us of our identities.  They systematically strip us of hope, and feed our lust for bullshit

The System then makes it so that our voices are not heard. The blatant killings of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin should have been meet with punishment. Former mayor Rudy Giuliani spoke with NBC on November 23rd 2014. In this interview the former mayor sought to erase the “lie” that white people don’t go to jail for killing black people.

He says, “first of all only about 3 percent of whites kill blacks. They go to jail at approximately the same rate as blacks go to jail…the conviction rate is almost the exact same.”

The statement above is false. The facts show that of the three murders mentioned above, the person who committed the crime was not convicted 100% of the time.  All of who is White cops. In 2008 Chief Attorney George Coppolo, had Principle analyst Kevin MacCarthy break down the Crime and conviction rates for certain crimes committed in Connecticut and other states. These studies showed that the rate of “arrest” for most crimes in Connecticut and around the nation is about the same. However, when you look at the conviction and imprisonment rates for blacks vs. whites the number of black convictions and imprisonments far out weight the convictions for whites who were arrested for the same crime; even when the rate for committing the crime was more frequently committed by whites.

Is that not inequality? We march, we protest and still nothing is done. How are we a country based on equality when crimes against the people are not dealt with? Abraham Lincoln said, “A government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Mr. Lincoln. We are dropping like flies. This country should serve us, not promote a modern genocide! How is it that millions of people in the United states and world can recognize injustice, but The System set up to provide the very justice we are looking for is no where to be found?
I recently had a discussion about the state our country is in with a young artist from NC by the name of “Weez”. For hours we went back and forth about The System and what it is doing to this world. At one point of the discussion, the Rockefeller tree lighting was brought up. He said, “You know what’s crazy bruh?  If I ran my black ass to NYC and cut down that Motherfucking tree, people would lose their damn minds! I would be in jail so quick.” He followed by posing the question, “How the Fuck is a tree more important than black lives?”

What is my life really worth? Why are there so many laws put in place, to “protect us” that do the exact opposite? The System is tearing down the world that we as a nation have built brick by brick. In time to come, I pray that something is done about the genocide of a generation, and the wicked system that promotes it. We are special, our lives do matter, and an unjust law is no law at all.

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