Why Jay Z and Beyonce are the most important figures in black culture

Posted by : The Messenger , January 2015

It seems like only yesterday all Jay Z was rapping about was money, cash and hoes while Beyonce was with Desinty’s Child carving out her own place in the music industry. Today they are proud parents with wealth and they stand for something more than recording artists. Jay Z and Beyonce have been national icons for years. Sean Carter, a rapper that is respected by so many people from different walks of life, from drug dealers to CEO’s is changing the game. And because of his popularity there is currently no black artist that can do it like him. Here’s why Jay Z and Beyonce are the most important figures in black culture.

For so long in hip hop culture, rappers have looked down upon falling in love and settling down. Even if they rapped about romance in a song or two, their lifestyles for the most part have promoted promiscuity and lust. And if it isn’t calling women B*tches and hoes it’s flashing jewelry, hanging out at clubs, showing of expensive cars etc. Sean Carter was one of those rappers and now in 2015 he is singing a very different tune. He carries himself as a husband, a caring father and a respected businessman. Watching a video from the On The Run Tour it became clear to me that Jay Z and Beyonce are the only figures in Hip Hop culture that promote the black family and longevity. In a game like Hip Hop where all the players seem to be stagnant Hov is moving forward and he’s bringing his wife and daughter along with him. Coming from a single parent home himself, Jay Z has broken the cycle and is very present in Blu Ivy’s life. Beyonce and Jay Z  are sending a message that it’s ok to move on, to grow and to be happy. They show us that you can evolve and still remain relevant amongst your peers. I hope i’m not alone when I say that Hip Hop needs more happy families.

As Jay holds his weight in the Hip Hop world, Beyonce is influencing an entire generation of little girls. The message that she sends is one that little black girls need. Without saying it she’s telling these children to have standards. Just like the lyrics in one of her most popular songs, “If you like it then you should have put a ring on it”. All while B is enjoying the married life, touring with Jay and taking Blu Ivy all over the world, she remains an individual, with millions upon millions of fans influenced by her. If a little girl says “I want to be like Beyonce” she is saying “I want to be my own person, I want a nice family, I want to do what I love, I want to see the world. And guess what? I can do all of those things without compromising”.

The Carters are the most popular couple of our generation going head to head with the Obama’s. But the fact that they are at the forefront of Hip Hop and Pop makes it all the more special. I grew up on Hip Hop along with nearly every other black child in America and it is beautiful to finally see a black family promoting growth, change and a brighter future.  As Jay Z and Beyonce lead the way into a new era of Hip Hop culture all we can do is hope that the rest can follow the shining example. Ever Since slavery white people have been threatened by the black family because the black family often produces a stable environment. The attack on black unity is one that has been going on for centuries and has given birth to generations of fatherless black children with no direction. From the plantations to the welfare offices they try their best to divide us so that we have no sense of community, love and self worth. One thing that both Hip Hop Culture and Sean Carter can teach us is that your past doesn’t always mark your future. So long live Jay Z and Beyonce and long live the beautiful black family.








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